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ED2150 / ATC-1000 Quick Start Manual

Attached is a Walkthrough on how to set a static IP for a windows XP/Windows 7 computer and how to configure the ED2150 / ATC-1000 serial-to-Ethernet adaptor.

Be sure to have the correct Baud rate and Serial type (RS232, or RS485/422) for your display, in addition to a unused IP address on your network.

To find the specifications of your display, consult the manual you received with the display. If you cannot determine the correct baud rate or serial type, contact our technical support hotline with the model number and/or job number for the display. 

A .zip file is attached that includes the User Manual and Software included with the ATC-1000. The software for the ATC-1000 is included;however, not necessary for configuring the ATC-1000 (Follow "APPENDIX J - Static IP and Configuring the ATC-1000.pdf" for a walkthrough on how to configure the ATC-1000.)


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