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DL06 PLC - Sending Serial Data

Refer to pages 5-189 to 5-192 of the RLL section on the DL06 user manual for the “PRINT” instruction that will send data out the port 2.

The procedure should be:

1) Using DirectSoft32 – choose the plc menu, setup, then setup secondary comm port.

2) Select port 2

3) Select non-sequence.

4) Uncheck the xon/xoff and rts flow control boxes.

5) Time outs and delay times are unneeded.

6) Set data bits to 8

7) Set baud to 1200

8) Set stop bits to 1

9) Set parity to none.

10) Memory address is up to you.

11) Click the send to cpu button (below the close button).

12) Insert a new contact instruction on the rung - probably a off-to-on transition contact as shown.

13) Insert print instruction- setup for K2

14) Setup the print instruction with “$02001234$03”.

15) Run the plc after programming – all the cells should show 1234.

16) Basically, the string is “$02[AA][NNNN]$03” – where [AA] is the 2-digit address, and [NNNN] is a 4-digit number.

17) For decimal numbers out of a register – use the V codes as shown. IE. “$0201” V2000 “$03” – (spaces before and after V2000). This should show the number out of register V2000 to cell/address #1. Change the “01” to different addresses as needed.

18) There are other options for the V codes - using BCD and double-registers as shown.

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