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All I see is the Address and baud rate read out after I send my message, how do I fix this?

So all you see is the Address and baud rate read out message after you send your message.
To solve this problem try the following (when using a scrolling message sign).
1) Verify your connection to the sign (i.e. check and make sure your wires are connected correctly)
2) Be sure you are using message pro.
3) Make sure you are using the software correctly bellow is a list of steps to send a message.
a) When using message pro under the message tab open "send message" (F2)
b) A open file window will come up you need to select the message you wish to send
c) After selecting and opening your message file a new window will open up asking for the address of the sign and the message number along with several other settings for the sign.
d) Set the address part to the address of your sign
e) Set the message number to 1 (without this message number being set to 1 rather than 0 all you will see after sending the data is the configuration message)
f) The other settings bellow that may be left alone if you choose or they may be set to a duration of your choosing.
g) Send your message.
This should fix the problem with your sign only displaying the configuration message after trying to send your new message.
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